Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Negative Space

 Negative space truly is illustrated in this image because of what the white or negative space does to the subject occupying the positive space.The space surrounding the words in the image, almost exalts the word "God" and emphasizes the importance of that word. That empty space operates like a punctuation. The negative space is like a full-stop without there being a period following the word "God". It's God period.

Another interesting component of this image is that the white negative space can symbolize purity, which is a quality associated with God or the divine. Not only is the negative space emphasizing the word but it is also apart of the word "God". The textbook asserts that, "Negative space is magical...create it don’t just fill it up!" Negative space is incredibly hard to achieve in a photograph but what is interesting about negative space in this image is that the negative space and the positive space are not mutually exclusive subjects. The positive space does not stand alone.

In addition, the textbook also asserts, "Negative space is just as much a shape that you have to deal with in a composition as positive shapes, whether picture or type. When you don’t deal with it at all, negative space feels dead and disconnected from the visual material it surrounds. If the space gets filled up, the result is an oppressive presentation that no one will want to deal with. A lack of negative space overwhelms and confuses the audience, which is likely to get turned off.” An interesting component of the image is the lighting. The lighting is very dark and dull, which is quite contrary to what God symbolizes. Yes, this could just be my phone (which I am certain it is) but it makes the negative space almost dead. But the word "God" brings it back to life, again furthering the significance of that being. Negative space is interesting because it allows the viewer not only analyze the main subject of the image but to also accept that subject for what it does in the image.

Another interesting component of this image is shape. The letters in this image are indeed shapes but are still typographical. The words connect and is interwoven with the negative space but still holds its own integrity.

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