Wednesday, February 26, 2014


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with my father's ties. I grew up in a fairly religious home, so every Saturday morning, my dad would go into his collection of ties and allow me to select the one that best suited his attire. They all came in different lengths and colors, and I was ultimately intrigued.

What was so captivating to me as a child were the patterns that each tie illustrated and how unique each one was. The creativity and craftsmanship behind each tie ultimately inspired me to take a picture of just a few of my father's ties.

Out of all the images for this assignment, this particular one is the most "staged". I found the concept of rhythm in art or in a picture to be quite difficult for me to illustrate. For rhythm to be illustrated in a photograph, I believe that the elements of the picture have to come together in a way that has a beat. The elements almost have to dance together to portray this concept. Whether that dance is demonstrated through color, contours and lines, or shapes. Once one observes that picture, that individual has to feel as if he or she is in a sort of trance. 

I believe that this image illustrates rhythm through color and pattern. What I find interesting in this image is that each tie conveys rhythm. Each individual tie possesses a vibrant and vivid color or pattern. Rhythm is also illustrated in this image through shape. The ties are not shown in a linear or flat surface. They are piled on top of each other creating implied texture and complexity. The eyes of the viewer dances due to the the patterns, colors, and shapes of the ties in this image. Each tie differs to the other but somehow come together in this rhythmic way.

Another interesting aspect of the image is that in the top portion of this image, there seems to be more space between the ties. As the eyes travel further down the image, the ties become cluttered and convoluted. This was truly unintentional but the significance of this composition further demonstrates rhythm. The cluttering of the ties reveals this dance as they are curved within each other. The geometric shapes, stripes, and colors are operating in a way that reveals more than just a tie. It becomes it's own art. I like how the vivid colors and patterns are seen layered on top and the image that is plain white, only appears in certain sections. In addition, the ties are placed on tiles, which have their own pattern and rhythm. It seems as if pattern and complexity cannot be escaped in this image because not only are the ties rhythmic, but so is the background they are placed on.

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